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Become a Sponsor

What are the benefits of sponsoring one of HBWN’s functions?

  • It’s an opportunity to introduce your business to other HBWN members
  • Helps make connections with others which may provide further business
  • Lets others know what you do so that they know who to call or refer when they or others require your service or product
  • Inspires others to help you, or engage with your business

Your logo will be placed on all marketing material for the event that you have sponsored. This includes on our website, HTML email marketing (that is distributed to over 800 women) DL flyers and in our Newcastle Herald advertising.

Why not integrate this opportunity into your business marketing strategies, as a low cost but highly effective communication channel? People are engaging with business just by being at a HBWN event, so they are more likely to want to know about your business as they are in the right frame of mind.

What criteria do you need to meet to be a HBWN sponsor?

To become a HBWN sponsor the only criteria is that you have been a financial member of HBWN for a minimum of six months.

How do I become a sponsor?

  • Contact the Sponsor Coordinator to register your interest and book your place
  • The Sponsor Coordinator will provide you with the dates that are available for the coming year
  • Once the Sponsor Coordinator has confirmed your place then read the checklist below
  • Schedule the tasks you are responsible for in your diary
  • If you have any questions about sponsorship then contact the Sponsor Coordinator

To find out more or to apply, please contact Sponsor Coordinator, Jamie-Lee Habler via